What is life insurance? What are the benefits of life insurance

What is life insurance – life insurance is a type of insurance product that covers the medical and surgical costs of the insured. It reimburses the full or partial amount of expenses due to illness or injury. In many cases, depending on the type of insurance, it pays directly to the insured’s care provider.

The rapid growth of quality health care expenses in India has made health insurance important for all. Health insurance takes care of the unexpected financial burden that arises from sudden hospitalization or illness.

The right type of health insurance plan assures you of a safer future in terms of both health and wealth. Health insurance policies become even more important for individuals who are responsible for the financial security of their family.

Nowadays health insurance plans cover most of the prevalent critical illnesses and surgical procedures. The medical policy continues even after payment of benefits.

What is life insurance? What are the benefits of life insurance

Religare Health Insurance Company, considered one of the top health insurance providers in India, offers a wide range of health insurance plans. From health-care delivery to preventive health solutions, Religare Health Insurance maintains a unique business presence in the health insurance market.

Schemes offered by Religare Health Insurance
Care – Comprehensive Health Insurance
Religare’s health insurance scheme – ‘Care’; Helps protect you and your family against the financial risks arising from a medical emergency. On your part you can be assured that when you are unwell; We will take all the troubles related to your treatment, so that you can remain worry-free and focus only on your recovery. The plan includes hospitalization, pre- and post-hospitalization, day-care treatment (which does not require hospitalization), health check-ups and a lot of expenses.

Care Freedom Plan
Religare Care Freedom Policy of Religare Health Insurance Company aims to provide freedom to live your life to the fullest. It does not require any pre-policy medical examination for all ages and sum insured. Also, in case of pre-existing diseases the waiting period is only 2 years. It is available as a personal plan and family floater for up to 6 members.

Joy Plan – Maternity and Newborn Cover
Joy is a modern insurance product, which removes all questions and uncertainties about this new chapter in your family’s life. It takes care of your maternity and related health insurance needs not only for today, but also for tomorrow. The Joy Maternity Insurance Scheme covers hospitalization expenses during pregnancy and after hospitalization.

Super Mediclaim – Special Critical Illness Plan
Religare Health Insurance offers a very special policy to help protect you from the expense of critical illness. Unlike ordinary critical illness plans, this policy does not pay a fixed amount. If you discover a critical illness, it pays for the actual costs incurred during the treatment of that disease. Also, unlike ordinary Critical Illness schemes, this policy does not end when you make a claim, but rather continues to work in case of relapse or other illnesses. When purchasing a super mediclaim plan you can choose whether you want to purchase coverage only for cancer, heart disease, operation or all serious diseases. Since you need to customize your policy according to your specifications, you can also save well.

travel insurance
Religare Explore Travel Insurance Plan
Religare Xplore Travel Insurance Policy is a comprehensive travel insurance plan with medical and travel inconvenience benefits. Travel insurance plan eliminates the hassles and worries that are left on your family vacation. The Explore Travel Insurance policy includes medical evacuation, trip delay / trip cancellation, and daily allowance in case of hospitalization.

Religare Student Explore Travel Insurance Plan
Religare Student Explore Travel Insurance Plan is designed for students going abroad to study. This plan provides new age benefits and services for you. Student travel insurance includes personal accidents, benefits of travel inconvenience, sponsor protection and more.

Religare Secure Personal Accident Insurance Plan
Due to heavy machinery, big cars, fast lifestyles as a result of industrial progress, you expose yourself daily to accident risk. Religare Secure Personal Accident Insurance Plan provides you with personal accident insurance that directly addresses every concern arising as a result of a serious accident.